The one thing to get right planning your wedding day

Weddings are stressful, right? Nope. Well, they certainly don’t need to be! We’re guessing that freaking out on your wedding day is pretty much dead last on the to do list.

As videographers, we get a pretty unique fly on the wall perspective of wedding days. And the (thankfully not too often) times when we do see couples stress out, it almost always comes down to one thing - timing. Or more specifically, the lack of it.


The # 1 rule to remember when planning your day is that everything takes longer than you think. And if one thing runs late it can have a knock on for the rest of the day.

Ceremony starting at 2pm? Probably not - more like 2:15pm and that’s if you arrive on time. Group photos will only take 15 minutes, right? Well, maybe (if your photographer is a black belt) but not if you add a few cheeky ones in or spend 7 of those 15 minutes looking for Uncle Bob who’s off to the bar. Can’t blame him though! Timed the speeches and they will last precisely 7 minutes each? No chance, because you didn’t allow for the rapturous applause, friendly heckling and the best man’s bloody projector for the stag photos not working - more on that in an upcoming post! 20 minute drive to the church? Maybe, but plan for 30 so it gives 5 minutes either side to actually get into the car and out the other side. You get the idea.

But hey, ‘if it’s running late, so be it - it’s a wedding’ I hear you say. Well, true but in reality what you’ll actually lose when everything is running over is the one thing that we tend to find couples truly want on their wedding day. And that’s time to spend celebrating with their family and guests during the reception.

There are a ton of other things that can and will take more time than you planned so our numero uno piece of advice is when you’re planning your wedding day, allow more time than you think. For everything!

Boda x

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