We keep our packages as straightforward and fuss free as possible.

We're intentionally low maintenance. Our couples seem to appreciate that. Almost 10 years shooting weddings has taught us that you probably have enough to organise without us adding to the mix.

Coverage is for the full wedding day. We generally shoot from a couple of hours before the ceremony through to the first few dances then leave you alone to enjoy the rest of the night.

Premier Package


One of the team, 2 x cameras

Deluxe Package


2 of us, 3 x cameras

Both packages include

The highlight film

The feature film (all your awesome footage with an epic soundtrack)

Full ceremony

Full speeches

Commonly requested additions

  • Aerial drone footage (subject to availability & permissions)

  • Additional preparations coverage if you require more than the included couple of hours

  • Additional hours into the night after the included first few dances e.g. for late night fireworks etc.

Midweek & Winter

We have a limited number of midweek and winter wedding dates.

Midweek is a Monday to Thursday wedding and winter is a November, January or February wedding

Premier Package

£1,495 - Midweek & Winter

One of the team, 2 x cameras

Deluxe Package

£1,995 - Midweek & Winter

2 of us, 3 x cameras

Please get in touch to confirm midweek or winter availability.

The majority of weddings can be covered with the Premier Package.

However, the main benefit for opting for the Deluxe Package (i.e. 2 of us shooting on the day) is we can cover more of what you have going on and be in two places at the same time! This is especially useful if you have multiple locations on the day.

When you book us, you don't need to commit to a particular package or additions in advance - we can discuss the details and confirm everything a couple of months before your wedding. As long as we're in the right ballpark for what you're looking for though, perfect!

If you require something a little more bespoke please let us know and we can normally work something out. If one of our packages work for you though, great!